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Transforming this large oak kitchen in Woburn, Bedfordshire.

Professional kitchen painter Woburn

Professional kitchen painter Woburn Oak kitchens constitute a significant portion of my work. They are well-crafted, sturdy, and maintenance is straightforward, especially when it comes to replacing dysfunctional hinges. Swapping out old handles for new ones is also a simple task. Professional kitchen painter Woburn A client reached out to me regarding her kitchen, noting […]


Re painting a bespoke kitchen in Winslow, Buckinghamshire

Professional kitchen cupboard painter Buckinghamshire I completed this kitchen in 2023, located in Winslow, a village in North Buckinghamshire. A designer I met during a Central London project for a well-known author referred me to the client. She was impressed with the brush-finished kitchen I was working on and kept my contact for future reference. […]


A new look to this large wooden kitchen in Daventry.

Kitchen cabinet painter Daventry In 2023, a prospective client reached out about transforming her wooden kitchen’s appearance. She was concerned about the paint’s adherence to her existing doors and its durability, especially since she owned a dog. Kitchen cabinet painter Daventry During a site visit, we explored colour options and discussed the durability of the […]


Painting a newly installed kitchen in a new build house in Leighton Buzzard

Kitchen cupboard painting Leighton Buzzard As the number of new houses in Leighton Buzzard increases, a potential client reached out to me to explore painting options for her kitchen in her new home. I scheduled a site visit since it was conveniently near my residence. The main issue was the excessive silicone used on every […]


Painting a stunning kitchen just outside Rushden

kitchen cabinet painter

Kitchen cabinet painter Rushden A client contacted who came by a recommendation. She wanted to change the look of her bespoke kitchen and also to change the island from wood to painted. She was quite undecided to start with. I showed her several examples of what her kitchen might look like and also showed combinations […]


Kitchen rescue project in Henley on Thames

Kitchen cabinet painter Henley This client contacted me back in 2023 with regards to fixing their kitchen! The kitchen itself was ok, it just needed a really good re paint and also to ease and fix some of the issues that the client was having with it. The photos below are what the client had […]


Painting and re oiling this very old butchers workstation near Aylesbury

Kitchen cupboard painting Aylesbury The following project was slightly different from my usual kitchen painting! A client made contact with regards to painting an old butchers workstation. There were many things to consider during the pricing and during the painting. The brief was “We want to keep the worn look, so no filling, we want […]


A selection of kitchens around Buckinghamshire

Kitchen cabinet painter Olney Sherrington Buckinghamshire I am based in Buckinghamshire working mainly on new and also old painted kitchens.. I have been covering these area for many years now as well as travelling to Hertfordshire, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and north of where im based into Northamptonshire. Below are a selection of projects from the above […]