Hand painted Kitchens Buckinghamshire

I have worked for companies like Mark Wilkinson Furniture to Smallbone and other high end kitchen and furniture companies. I predominately work on hand painted Kitchens and also the painting of existing wooden kitchens. Hand painted Kitchens Buckinghamshire

I am now plying my skills direct to the home owner saving them a considerable amount on painting their furniture. Be it a small oak/wooden or vacuum wrapped kitchen or a large bespoke kitchen. The results can be fantastic using my skills and also my knowledge of the products that are available. Hand painted Kitchens Buckinghamshire

Newly hand painted Kitchens have the power to transform even the dullest kitchen into something outstanding. Paint can also create a dramatic effect where there are currently only plain wooden cabinets. Simply tie in new cabinets to your existing colour scheme. Hand painted Kitchens Buckinghamshire

Many hand painted kitchens I undertake in the Home Counties contain a fabulous mix of old and new styles. Please get in touch for a quote and let me show you how paint can tie these areas together without an extensive remodeling project.

Hand painted kitchens in Bedfordshire

The transformation of the above once oak kitchen took homeowners by surprise. A brightly coloured painted kitchen introduces an entirely new and exciting atmosphere into the room also giving it a new vibrancy. A darker paint creates an intimate and classic feel. Hand painted Kitchens Buckinghamshire

Bring More Attention to the Kitchen

The kitchen is the most popular room in the entire home and would also be classed as a family room. Your kitchen plays host to family and friends occasionally and hosts your household on a daily basis. Chris can create the hand painted kitchen you have always wanted. Whether you have a booming social life or you would simply like a more inviting atmosphere for the people who reside under your roof. Hand painted Kitchens Buckinghamshire

Chris can also achieve nearly any look you want with single flat paint or broken colour techniques. I can keep it simple and also paint with solid colours to create a traditional or modern look. Why not have your kitchen re finished with paint effects tailored to your individual tastes. We can also create a new look with your designs and ideas to give you the perfect hand painted kitchen you want.

We paint & repaint luxury bespoke kitchens for manufacturers and designers. Our speciality is transforming tired wooden kitchens into newly hand painted Kitchens.

With meticulous and thorough preparation we can refurbish your existing kitchen cabinets to a showroom standard. We use proven primers and specialty finishing coats that will stand the test of time.

Hand Painted Kitchens

If you’re looking into have a hand painted kitchen and you are going down the route of a new installation or a repaint. There are many options open to you.

Please consider a professional furniture painter  to carry out your project!

Hand painted kitchens are one of our specialties here at Chris Graham Interiors. We also have had the pleasure of working on numerous kitchen projects and on some of the finer buildings this country has to offer.

No1, London (Apsley House)  

as well as

The Royal Institution of Great Britain in the heart of London.


Clarence House, London.

We would love the opportunity to update your kitchen with the latest colours using techniques that we have furthermore perfected over time. Hand painted Kitchens Buckinghamshire

Allow us to work with you to create the kitchen you have always wanted. A fully customised painted kitchen will also create an entirely new feeling within the home. Your kitchen will also live up to the reputation of being the most popular room in the home.

you will find people will be amazed at what a painted kitchen looks like if it was once in dark wood. We put a great deal of effort and time into each kitchen we paint because we understand that perfection comes with time.

Don’t remove that old oak or wooden kitchen.Contact us to transform it into a beautiful new hand painted kitchen. Please look at the case studies to see the before and after shots of some recent projects. Hand painted Kitchens Buckinghamshire

Whats involved and an idea on Pricing

First contact:

Once you have made an enquiry and have emailed photos/plans or any drawings of the project. A quote will be emailed to you within 24hrs with a detailed specification on what is involved.

Colour advice:

Please ask if you would like a colour card arranged. Colour choices can also be discussed on the first day if you are unsure. There are many example on the Blog page to look at some past projects.


I stick to my pricing and have not had to alter any quote on starting any project. Please click on the projects below to get an example of costs.

15 door wooden kitchen in Bedfordshire came in at £1,500.00

20 door oak kitchen in Hertfordshire came in at £2,000.00

A recent Magnet kitchen that was in Cambridge that had 14 doors came in at £1,400.00

Punctuality and procedures:

I can work around  your schedule and arrive at a time that we have arranged normally between 8.00 and 9.30. I will make the kitchen accessible to you so as to keep disruption to an absolute minimum.


Many clients trust me with the keys or leave a key for me. Many of my clients will also leave the house while painting is underway or equally remain at home whilst the work is being carried out.


Each job is different! An average size 15 door kitchen will take approx 6/7 days.

hand painted Kitchens buckinghamshire