Professional kitchen cupboard painters

A simple explanation of how to take photographs & send the information I need.

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Professional kitchen cupboard painters

When capturing images of your kitchen for an estimate, follow these guidelines to ensure accuracy and clarity:

  1. Daylight Shots:
    • Take photographs during daylight hours. Professional kitchen cupboard painters
    • Good lighting ensures clear and bright images.
    • No need for loads of close-up shots.
  2. Complete Kitchen Views:
    • Capture one or two overall shots to showcase the entire kitchen.
    • These shots help convey the scale and layout.
  3. Wall-by-Wall Approach:
    • Document each wall with furniture.
    • Count doors, drawer fronts, open shelves, and any other components.
    • If a wall is long, take multiple photos—overlap if needed.
    • You could also take a short video.
  4. Islands Matter Too:
    • Photograph each side of any kitchen islands.
    • Islands are essential elements to consider.
  5. Close-Ups for Damage Assessment:
    • If there are damaged areas (major scratches, dents, etc.), take close-up photos.
    • This helps me assess repair needs accurately.
    • Hidden damage that you may not be aware of can be repaired.
  6. Plans and Drawings:
    • Elevation drawings and plans are essential of your kitchen is being made.
    • Include them if available, you can also send a link that I can access
  7. Sending Options:
    • Email directly from the image options.
    • If unsure, send one photo at a time.
    • Alternatively, create a folder and email it.
    • Consider using WhatsApp—it’s convenient for image retrieval.
  8. Additional Information:
    • Include relevant details like your county, postcode, and any helpful info.
    • Don’t worry—I’m happy to do a site visit.

Examples below of what I need

Links to plans can also be emailed to me, I can easily quote from plans and elevations.

“I am a Traditional Painter in that I spent 5 years doing a City and Guilds apprenticeship learning every aspect of my trade”

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The more information that you send to me means the quote will be precise with no hidden extras.

Professional kitchen cupboard painters