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Kitchen cabinet painter

With over 40 years of experience as a specialist in kitchen cabinet painting, I have honed my skills in delivering high-end finishes. This expertise also enables me to handle kitchens of any type and material, ensuring a showroom-quality result every time. Specialist kitchen cabinet painter Herts Beds Bucks Northants

Mark Wilkinson Furniture

The kitchen pictured above is a repainted Mark Wilkinson kitchen. The final result is a kitchen that looks brand new, despite being nearly 20 years old. Painting kitchens, not only those from Mark Wilkinson but also from other top bespoke companies, is a delightful task. The outcomes are self-evident. I am a specialist kitchen cabinet painter serving Herts, Beds, Bucks, Oxfordshire and Northants.

The kitchen pictured below represents my staple work. A common question from potential clients is, “Can my kitchen be painted?” My response is always “Yes,” and the results are outstanding. This is where the expertise of a professional kitchen painter is crucial. Having knowledge of the right products is also essential for such projects.


Below are the results of days spent cleaning and preparing for the filling stage, after which painting can begin. The appropriate primers have also been ordered to ensure that the top coats will adhere, resulting in a perfect showroom-quality finish. To all my clients, I say: I can order any colour from any palette. The paints I use are specially formulated for kitchens and also furniture, providing a durable and lasting finish.. Specialist kitchen cabinet painter Herts Beds Bucks Northants showing the degreee of prep needed.


The allure of a professional kitchen painter lies in the ability to transform almost any kitchen. The crucial factor is the practitioner’s knowledge of products and also the materials they are working with. It’s important to make informed decisions about the proper cleaning procedures and to also possess the appropriate equipment for dust-free sanding.

Such equipment is vital for a kitchen painter. Personally, I aim to avoid creating dust clouds in a client’s home, which is why I utilise the Festool system.

Dust and paint fumes are common concerns for clients. Fortunately, the Festool system addresses most dust issues, and the fumes are virtually non-existent since I use waterborne, low VOC paints.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to let me revamp your kitchen. You’re in safe hands, as evidenced by the numerous positive reviews from my past clients on my website’s review section.


specialist kitchen cabinet painter herts beds bucks northants