Kitchen Cupboard Painting Services

Transforming Your Kitchen Affordably

In recent years, many homeowners have discovered an excellent alternative to replacing their entire kitchen: kitchen cupboard painting services. Rather than discarding a perfectly good kitchen, consider these options for a complete new look at a fraction of the cost:

  1. Vinyl Wrapped Kitchens:
    • Even vinyl-wrapped kitchens can be transformed beautifully.
    • If you have discoloured oak or wooden cabinets, painting them can breathe new life into your space.
    • Pre-painted kitchens that were originally coloured and sprayed in the factory can also benefit from a fresh hand-painted finish.
  2. Fantastic Results:
    • These transformations yield fantastic results, both aesthetically and financially. Kitchen Cupboard Painting Services
    • Instead of spending a fortune on replacement, you can achieve a stunning kitchen for a fraction of the cost.
  3. Addressing Challenges:
    • Occasionally, there may be issues with blown or lifting vinyl. Kitchen Cupboard Painting Services
    • If you encounter such problems, a decision can be made after viewing photos to assess whether they are fixable.

So, if you’re a homeowner looking to brighten up the heart of your home, contact me for a quote within 24 hours. Let’s create a kitchen that’s both beautiful and budget-friendly!

A before and after example

before shot of a wooden kitchen

Kitchen cupboard painting services the after shot of a wooden kitchen

Wooden Kitchens: Reviving and Refinishing

The wooden kitchen above had seen better days, but there’s hope for a fresh look! Let’s address some common issues:

  1. Uneven Doors:
    • Doors that have dropped can be adjusted to align properly.
    • Ensuring they close evenly will improve the overall appearance. Kitchen Cupboard Painting Services
  2. Catching Doors:
    • If doors catch on adjacent ones, adjustments can be made to prevent this.
    • Smooth operation is essential for a functional kitchen.
  3. Drawers and Weight:
    • Over time, drawers may drop due to constant use and weight.
    • Proper adjustments or alterations can restore their functionality.
  4. Niggling Drawers:
    • That drawer that always catches? It can be altered or adjusted to work seamlessly.
    • Don’t let small annoyances hinder your kitchen experience!

Consider refinishing or painting your cabinets to breathe new life into your kitchen. A little care goes a long way!

Kitchen cupboard painting services

Badly Painted Kitchen: A Makeover Story

Ah, the tale of the badly painted kitchen—a canvas in need of redemption! Let’s dive into this culinary drama:

  1. The Uneven Canvas:
    • The once-pristine kitchen had lost its lustre.
    • Uneven paint clung to the surfaces, creating a patchwork of imperfections.
    • Sticky and soft, it yearned for transformation and also a new colour.. Kitchen Cupboard Painting Services
  2. A Modern Culinary Odyssey:
    • But fear not! Our hero—a modern kitchen enthusiast—stepped forth.
    • Armed with brushes and determination, I vowed to rescue the kitchen from its sticky fate and also remove a build up of sticky residues..
  3. Brushstrokes of Change:
    • Stroke by stroke, they smoothed the surface, banishing unevenness.
    • The paint, now purposeful, embraced its new role—a durable shield against daily kitchen battles. Furthermore, the surface is easier to maintain.
  4. The Left Door’s Rebellion:
    • Ah, the left door—the kitchen’s resident rebel.
    • It refused to close properly, defying the laws of functionality.
    • Our hero adjusted hinges, whispered encouragement, and finally tamed the unruly door.
  5. The Grand Reveal:
    • And lo, the transformation was complete!
    • The once-badly-painted kitchen emerged as a masterpiece.
    • Even the left door stood proud, closing with newfound grace. At the same time, the kitchen was cleanable. Kitchen Cupboard Painting Services

So raise your spatulas, dear readers! Let this be a lesson: Every kitchen without a doubt deserves a second chance.

lots of prep to revive this kitchen


The image above illustrates the meticulous preparation involved in achieving a smooth surface for applying primer. Therefore, let’s break it down:

  1. Degree of Preparation:
    • The attention to detail is evident. Every imperfection matters when aiming for a flawless finish.
    • Proper preparation ensures that subsequent layers adhere well and also create a durable surface.
  2. Choosing the Right Abrasive:
    • The correct grade of abrasive (sandpaper or other materials) is crucial. It is also essential to avoid surface scratching.
    • Too aggressive sanding can harm the structure and also shape of the surface.
    • Balance is key: Remove imperfections without compromising the integrity of the material.

Remember, a well-prepared canvas sets the stage for a masterpiece!

Kitchen cupboard painting services showing the finished painted kitchen

The process

The above image shows the completed section with the door on the left now functioning correctly. The paint finish was now smooth, even and furthermore it was durable and easily cleaned. Kitchen cupboard painting services

The painting process is not the most difficult part of each project that I do. The preparation is the bulk of the work, getting this process right is essential to a lasting finish and also gives a fantastic base to work from.

  1. Preparation: The Key to Lasting Results:
    • While the actual painting process is important, the bulk of the work lies in thorough preparation.
    • Getting this step right ensures a lasting and furthermore, a beautiful finish .
  2. Understanding the Process:
    • Clients often wonder how the process works. Here’s a breakdown:
      • Quoting System: I maintain a detailed quoting system that covers every aspect of the project.
      • Individual Codes: Each component (doors, drawers, mouldings also plinths, etc.) has an individual code entered into a spreadsheet.
      • Project Cost: Using photos provided by the client, I calculate the cost for painting the entire project.
      • Scheduling: I offer a date to the client, with the possibility of an earlier slot due to postponements or cancellations.
      • Booking Deposit: To secure the slot, a booking deposit is required, with a 14-day easing period.
      • Workshop and On-Site Completion: On the designated day, I remove doors and drawer fronts for completion in my workshop. Fixed items are painted on-site.
      • Minimal Disruption: Painting doors away from the site minimizes disruption, allowing your kitchen to remain fully operational.
  3. Colour Choice:
    • Your colour options are vast—choose from any palette or manufacturer.
    • I mix specialist paints that I’ve used for years, ensuring optimal performance and reactions in any situation.

For more examples of my work, feel free to explore here).

Kitchen cupboard painting services