hand painted kitchens

Chris Graham Interiors brings their expertise to homeowners, creating stunning hand-painted kitchens that elevate your space. Let’s delve into the details and also what we can offer:

  1. Experience and Background:
    • Chris has worked with renowned companies like Mark Wilkinson Furniture/Smallbone and other high-end kitchen and furniture manufacturers.
    • His focus lies in hand-painted kitchens and also refurbishing existing wooden kitchens.
  2. Direct-to-Homeowner Services:
    • Now, Chris offers his skills directly to homeowners, saving them significant costs on furniture painting.
    • Whether it’s a small oak or wooden kitchen or a large bespoke one, the results are fantastic due to his expertise and product knowledge.
  3. Transformative Power of Hand-Painted Kitchens:
    • Newly hand-painted kitchens can turn even the dullest space into something outstanding.
    • Paint creates a dramatic effect, especially when replacing plain wooden cabinets.
    • By tying in new cabinets with your existing colour scheme, you achieve a cohesive look.
  4. Mix of Old and New Styles:
    • Many hand-painted kitchens in the Home Counties blend old and also new styles seamlessly.
    • For a quote and to see how paint can tie these areas together without extensive remodelling, reach out to Chris Graham Interiors.

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Remember, your kitchen is more than just functional—it’s a canvas waiting to be transformed!

hand painted kitchens showing a re painted Clive Christian Kitchen  hand painted kitchens showing a painted Mark Wilkinson new england kitchen

Bring More Attention to the Kitchen

Chris Graham Interiors understands that the kitchen is more than just a functional space; it’s the heart of the home. Let’s explore how he can create the hand-painted kitchen you’ve always wanted:

  1. Customisation and Atmosphere:
    • Whether you’re a social butterfly or simply want a warm and inviting atmosphere, Chris can achieve your desired look.
    • Using techniques like single flat paint or broken colour, he can tailor the kitchen to your preferences.
    • Solid colours create a classic or modern vibe, while paint effects can add uniqueness.
  2. Specialty Services:
    • Chris specialises in transforming tired wooden kitchens into beautifully hand-painted spaces.
    • Meticulous preparation ensures your existing kitchen cabinets are refurbished to showroom standards.
    • I use proven primers and also specialty finishing coats for durability.
  3. Options for You:
    • If you’re considering a hand-painted kitchen, whether as part of a new installation or a repaint, there are many options available.
    • The transformation from an oak kitchen to a brightly coloured one can breathe new life into the room, creating excitement and vibrancy.
    • Darker paints can evoke intimacy and classic elegance.

Remember, your kitchen is more than just a room—it’s where memories are made and flavours come alive. Let Chris Graham Interiors turn your vision into reality!

Consider hiring a professional furniture painter for your project.

hand painted kitchens

Chris Graham Interiors specialises in hand-painted kitchens, transforming tired wooden kitchens into vibrant, customised spaces.

  1. Experience and Notable Projects:
    • Chris has worked on numerous kitchen projects, including some prestigious buildings like No1 London (Apsley House), The Royal Institution of Great Britain, and also Clarence House in the heart of London.
    • His expertise lies in updating kitchens with the latest colours using perfected techniques over time.
  2. Benefits of Kitchen cabinet painting:
    • A fully customised painted kitchen creates an entirely new feeling within the home.
    • Your kitchen will live up to its reputation as the most popular room in the house.
    • People will also be amazed at the transformation from dark wood to a beautifully painted fresh kitchen.
  3. Process and Pricing:
    • When you make an enquiry, Chris Graham Interiors will request photos, plans, or drawings of your project.
    • Within 24 hours, I will email you a detailed specification and a quote.
    • Colour advice is available, and you can also discuss colour choices on the first day.
    • Pricing remains consistent, and furthermore they haven’t needed to alter any quotes for starting projects.
    • For reference, here are some example costs:
      • A 15-door wooden kitchen in Bedfordshire came in at £1,500.00.
      • A 20-door oak kitchen in Hertfordshire was priced at £2,000.00.
      • A recent Magnet kitchen in Cambridge with 14 doors cost £1,000.00

If you’d like to see before-and-after shots of their recent projects, check out the case blog section on their website.  Feel free to contact me to transform your old oak or wooden kitchen into a stunning hand-painted masterpiece!

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Hand painted kitchens