Kitchen Cabinet Painter Northamptonshire

The administrative county is oval-shaped, with the long axis extending 56 miles (90 km) in a southwest-northeast direction.

A ridge of low hills, an escarpment of Jurassic rocks also runs along the long axis and separates the basin of the River Nene in the south from that of the Welland in the north. Both these rivers flow east into The Wash (an embayment of the North Sea). Among the rocks above the escarpment are the ore-bearing Northampton Sands, which yielded a low-grade iron ore and were once extensively worked. The wooded hills and well-watered valleys also seem to have attracted settlement to the area early. There are pre-Celtic as well as Roman remains. Parts of the churches at Earls Barton, Brigstock, and Brixworth are Anglo-Saxon and may date to the 7th century, when the historic county became part of the kingdom of Mercia.

The area was invaded by the Danes in the 9th century, and the shire seems to be of Danish origin. The ecclesiastical centre of Peterborough, destroyed by the Danes, was refounded during the 10th century.

A small selection of photos from recent project across Herts, Bucks and Northants.

Kitchen Cabinet Painter Northamptonshire

Kitchen Cabinet Painter Northamptonshire

Doing it right!

Having worked in this industry for past 35 years, I have seen many changes in procedures and also products. The one thing that has never changed with what I do is my attitude and application on every project that i do. Kitchen Cabinet Painter Northamptonshire

When taking on a project that involves one of the most important rooms in the house, it is important that a degree of flexibility is applied. The kitchen needs to made accessible for the homeowner and disruption kept to an absolute minimum.

My biggest complement that I hear is that the painting was not as messy as we thought! Furthermore, It needn’t be if things are done right.


1. Correct preparation also including the use of dustless sanding equipment.

2. Using waterborne products that will not harm the environment.

3. Keeping a tidy work area at all times, this also allows easy access.

4. Maintaining good communication with the client.


All these things put together make for a seamless experience when having your kitchen painted.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! It ‘s important to me that you are fully informed with what I am doing.

What happens on day 1 !

  • Doors, drawer fronts and plinths are removed.
  • All components are individually marked.
  • Notes regarding adjustments are also made.
  • When i return to do frames, protection is laid.
  • Colours and references are checked.
  • A brief explanation to the client about procedures.

Martin Moore painted kitchen Marlow Buckinghamshire

Painting your kitchen doesn’t need to cost the earth!

Using a recent project that I completed Nr Hemel Hempstead, I was chatting to the client about the benefits of having her wooden kitchen painted. Its was a large wooden kitchen that just took away a lot of natural light. The lady had furthermore been quoted upwards of £35,000 to replace the kitchen and worktops, which is a considerable amount of money, to replace a kitchen that just needed bring back to life.

After some research on the internet, the lady found my website and got in touch. She emailed a few photos to me and a quote was submitted and accepted.

This is how I price my work. Painting kitchens for over 35 years gives you a lot of experience in costing a kitchen and furthermore the quote that I submit is the price that you pay with no hidden surprises.

The areas i cover are Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Cambridshire

map of the home counties

Please get in touch for a no obligation quote.

Just email some images of the kitchen along with your contact details and also your address to me on the contact form

Kitchen Cabinet Painter Northamptonshire