A kitchen that had been neglected in Dunstable, Bedfordshire getting a fresh new look.

kitchen cabinet painter Dunstable

A short blog that describes initial contact to final finish with a few of the completed photos.

Firstly, I was contacted through my website by a lady in Dunstable regarding her kitchen. Several areas  were particularly mentioned which were furthermore of concern. Sticky worktops, paint on hinges, runs in paintwork, rough and uneven paint finish. kitchen cabinet painter Dunstable

kitchen cabinet painter Dunstable Bedfordshire

The list was long but above all nothing that couldn’t be put right. As this was relatively close to where I live, a site visit was made.

Lead times!

It never fails to surprise me at the lack of good trades people that are out there. This was just one of those cases. In spite of this I put the clients mind to rest and we agreed a price and start date. In addition, the lady was put off at having to wait 4 months for the kitchen to be started. I explained that jobs do move around and there could be a chance of an earlier slot, but importantly, no guarantees! kitchen cabinet painter Dunstable

kitchen cabinet painter Dunstable Bedfordshire

The project started a few weeks before we had agreed as a job was moved.

First day on the job was to simply and most importantly to get the job ready! Handles and hardware removed. The floor was subsequently protected with lining paper around the cabinets. Masking tape  applied to the wooden veneered carcass where it joined to the painted frame. A complete clean down before sanding. kitchen cabinet painter Dunstable

kitchen cabinet painter Dunstable Bedfordshire

All essential to the kitchen painting process!

This is where good kit comes into its own, I use a dustless sanding system by Festool. This will undoubtedly cut through the rough paintwork and remove all runs. The surface is then ready to be tack ragged and then moreover the painting can commence.

The steps above are often overlooked and can have a detrimental effect on the kitchen. Paint not adhering properly and uneven paint finish!

Then we look at the paint spec. A system I have used for over 25 years and gives the best possible hand finish. The paint also has fantastic properties in terms of durability. Available in any colour.

kitchen cabinet painter Dunstable Bedfordshire

Methodical choice of products

The paint is also waterborne so no lingering paint fumes or stick paint for hours on end. I find the painting process the easiest part. Its all the work prior which is important and can be quite heavy going. kitchen painter bedfordshire

The other issue we had on this kitchen were the worktops! Sticky and an uneven oil coating meant it was difficult to keep clean. Most importantly was all sanded back and re oiled with a particular oil that I use, the tops looked and felt as good as new.

The new 2 tone effect looked really fresh and was a huge improvement on what it looked like. The worktops really did complete the look and were now easy to look after.

If you are considering having your kitchen painted. Please contact me with some photos for a free no obligation quote. Its a lot cheaper than replacing and the transformation is fantastic.

kitchen cabinet painter Dunstable