Painting a Magnet wooden kitchen in Hertfordshire

Kitchen cabinet painter Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire is one of the home counties in Southern England. It is also bordered by Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire to the north, Essex to the east, Greater London to the south, and Buckinghamshire to the west. For government statistical purposes, it is placed in the East of England region. The county covers an area of 634 square miles (1,640 km2). The county derives its name from a hart (stag) and a ford, used as the components of the county’s coat of arms. Hand painted kitchens

During my years working at Mark Wilkinson furniture, many of the kitchen projects that I previously painted were in Hertfordshire. I predominantly painted newly installed kitchens but it should also be noted that I repainted some of the older kitchens that above all just needed a freshen up. Kitchen cabinet painter Hertfordshire

This particular client had a wooden kitchen that just started to look tired. The clients especially wanted to completely change the look of the kitchen and more importantly without the costs and disruption of having it replaced. Hand painted kitchens

Photos from the Client

The following photos were sent to me by the client to allow me to give a full and also concise quote. Kitchen cabinet painter Hertfordshire

Kitchen cabinet painter Hertfordshire

Kitchen cabinet painter Hertfordshire

Dont change it, paint it!

As you can see from the images above, a nice kitchen with a good layout. It would be criminal to waste so much money whereas a simple overhaul will give you the results of a new kitchen. More importantly, this also reduces land fill and in particular your carbon footprint.


Like every kitchen that I now paint, I collect as much as I can on the first day. This without a doubt eliminates excessive onsite time and also disruption, especially during the current pandemic!

Essentially, doors, drawer fronts, plinths and any open shelves that are easily removed.

These are taken back to my workshop and worked on over the course of that first week.

Sanding (Dust free)
Filling, caulking and second filling.

The colour had been chosen by the client, I had them simultaneously mixed in speciality paints that give good adhesion and a lasting finish. The finishing paints are also water based which in turn reduces the drying times.

The following photos show the results. Hand painted kitchens

Kitchen cabinet painter Hertfordshire

If you are considering having your wooden kitchen painted and would indeed like a no obligation quote, please get in in touch.

What I need 

1. I need to see each run of cabinets, this above all allows me to count the doors, drawers and also any component that will be to paint.

2. It is also important to attach any close up images of any significant damage.

3. Please, also make a note on your message if you require new handles or knobs to be fitted. I have a couple of links to online handle suppliers that I can send to you.

4. Please mention if you require new worktops, I can give you details of Granite and Corian installers and suppliers.

5. I need approx. 7 images to give you a full and concise quote, it also gives me more information to keep the quote as precise as possible. Kitchen cabinet painting

6. If you are unsure of the type of images I require, just have a look at the blog section by clicking below .

Contact me here 

You can also WhatsApp the images to 07973 343252.

Thanks for reading this short blog.

Kitchen cabinet painter Hertfordshire