Hand painted oak kitchen in Holmer Green, Buckinghamshire

Kitchen cabinet painter Holmer Green Buckinghamshire

January 2017, I completed this kitchen which was clearly a beautifully constructed oak kitchen from some of the recovered oak trees from the storms of 1987. Furthermore, this was quite a poignant time for me as it was the year I moved to London.

Kitchen cabinet painter Holmer Green Buckinghamshire

Choosing a colour

Firstly, having assessed the kitchen, a time and colour was agreed. Each kitchen that I do moreover,  has a different level of prep depending on the surface. Obviously, there were a few areas of sticky patches which also needed to be cleaned. This is not a given on each kitchen! You have to make an assessment on your initial visit. as to what level of degreasing in particular it requires. kitchen painter holmer green


Firstly, I chose a particularly suitable adhesion primer that would give me the best level of protection and durability. in addition, it was also decided that an eggshell lustre would be the best finish (Tikkurila Helmi 10) kitchen painter holmer green

Having a workshop reduces disruption for each client

The doors and drawers were removed and secondly, taken back to my workshop. This keeps disruption to an absolute minimum. It also means that the kitchen is always in use. kitchen painter holmer green

Kitchen cabinet painter Holmer Green Buckinghamshire

New Knobs!

New knobs were put in place of the old ones. These went in exactly the same position, so there was no need to charge. The results were fantastic, given that this was installed in the late eighties. The raised and fielded panel giving a beautiful traditional look.

The colour complemented the existing decor and flooring. New lights were to be installed by others at a later date. kitchen painter holmer green

Value for money

Projects like these never fail to surprise me at how well they come out. An relatively inexpensive overhaul rather than the cost and upheaval caused by a new installation. Kitchen cabinet painter Holmer Green Buckinghamshire

Kitchen cabinet painter Holmer Green Buckinghamshire

Fresh new look!

The kitchen is now looking a lot fresher and also cleaner. This will last for years to come as the kitchen was well made and well looked after. Kitchen cabinet painter Holmer Green Buckinghamshire

Kitchen cabinet painter Holmer Green Buckinghamshire

On the whole a very pleasing project in this beautiful part of Buckinghamshire. I do many projects in Bucks as it is the county where I am based. This makes it a lovely drive to work. kitchen painter holmer green

Contact me for a quote

If you have a kitchen similar to the one above and are considering a change. Please contact me using the contact form and add some photos of the project to me. I will have a full and concise quote to you within 24hrs. kitchen painter holmer green

Review received from client:

“We are totally  delighted with our new hand painted kitchen cabinets by Chris Graham Interiors.”

Chris is a highly skilled and professional tradesman and in little more than a week  has transformed our tired  and slightly dated kitchen into something much more modern and contemporary. kitchen painter holmer green

Chris is also  keen to minimise disruption to the household and removes all doors, drawers and plinths etc. to his workshop. This means that you still have a fully functioning kitchen while the work is carried out and without the need to empty most of the cabinet contents. The work on site is carried out with minimum disruption and fuss.

His final bill was as estimated with no hidden surprises.

We would highly recommend Chris to anyone considering this type of work.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this short blog.

Kitchen cabinet painter Holmer Green Buckinghamshire