Painting a maple kitchen in Tring, Hertfordshire

Kitchen cabinet painter Tring

I received a call from a lady in Tring, Hertfordshire who was at odds as to what to do with her kitchen. Although she liked the layout and style, she was still unsure as to what painting might do to improve the look of her kitchen.

However, if i am am being honest, the kitchen didn’t have that orange appearance that some kitchen cabinets take on over the years. We discussed at length the pros and cons and came to the conclusion that she would prefer the kitchen to be light rather than in wood.

Sample door

I dropped of a sample door, to show the quality of the of paint finish and what a oak door looks like once painted. This as a result was the deal clincher! She liked the sheen and the feel of the Tikkurila Helmi paint that was on the door. Several light shades were looked at and in the end I mixed an of white colour that was close to Strong White by Farrow and Ball.

On a few occasions I have done this, sent the painted sample to Holmans paints and had the colour mixed for consistency. This also would become one of my many custom colours that can be ordered in the future if the same colour is required.

Kitchen cabinet painter Tring Hertfordshire Maple can be quite a tricky surface to work with. A suitable adhesion primer was picked and the paint was ordered! Kitchen cabinet painter Tring

I mention in each blog that I do the importance of the prep! This is vital to the longevity of the paint system that is applied. Cleaning down, sanding, filling etc….  This all so very boring, but is vital in not only kitchen painting but also in the decorating industry in general.Kitchen cabinet painter Tring

Kitchen cabinet painter Tring Hertfordshire

As you can see from the photos it is a lay on door with a concealed hinge. Best practice is to completely remove the doors and drawer fronts to finish in my workshop. The plinths were left in the brushed stainless steel finish which tied in with the appliances. The whole look was complemented by the black granite tops. Kitchen cabinet painter Tring

Kitchen cabinet painter Tring Hertfordshire

The handles were cleaned using a metal cleaner and brought them back to new looking. Several of the doors and drawers needed adjustment. This was completed once everything had been re fitted. You can then easily see where adjustments and alignments are needed. When the kitchen is in its original state (Wood) the alignment wouldn’t necessarily stand out as much as it does once its painted. Kitchen cabinet painter Tring

Kitchen cabinet painter Tring Hertfordshire

Above the fridge was the wine rack. Sometimes these are left in wood. On this occasion they were painted using an adapted radiator roller frame. Once trimmed down  it is easier to get to the back and the remainder of the opening.

The lady was thrilled with the results! It was everything she expected and much lighter than she anticipated.

Colour choices

When i do these these kitchens, i find that some of the time the client wants to go for the lightest colour possible. In my experience this can be a mistake as it can look to insipid. The important thing to do is to look at the colours you like. Brush them out onto some lining paper and hold it up around the different areas of the kitchen. This gives you an idea of what the colour looks like under different light conditions.

If you are considering painting your kitchen and are still not sure. It costs nothing to have a conversation and to get a quote from me. I cover all areas of Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire and have been working these areas for 30 years.

All I need are some photos of the kitchen showing each run. A quote will be sent back to you with no obligation at all.

Thanks for reading this short blog.

Kitchen cabinet painter Tring