Painting wooden kitchen cabinets in Bucks, Herts, Northants and Beds

Painting wooden kitchen cabinets Buckinghamshire

If your kitchen is in a Dark oak, knotty pine, maple, ash, lacquered, varnished, waxed, vinyl or vacuum wrapped and are alternatively contemplating an inexpensive new look then please read on. This page is all about painting a wooden kitchen.

All these types of kitchens  can furthermore be transformed with a hand painted finish.

From start to finish and above all  it is really important that certain procedures are put in place to allow adhesion to your existing kitchen surface.

Painting wooden kitchens

Chris Graham has painted many wooden kitchens over the years and the results never fail to surprise him, the transformation from an oak to hand painted kitchen can be fantastic, it can also save lots of money and avoid unnecessary landfill. Painting wooden kitchen cabinets Buckinghamshire


A fundamental part of any painting process is the prep! As this is often overlooked by homeowners and diy enthusiasts alike. KPainting wooden kitchen cabinets Buckinghamshire 

Before any sanding is carried out, an assessment is made with regards to degreasing. I often see other decorators apply lots of water to cabinet doors and panels, this in my view can have a detrimental effect on the doors. Water can get pulled into the joins and open up, the same applies to panels. If any moisture gets trapped and is then painted over, this will only break down the paint system.

I use different methods depending on the amount of cooking residues on the surface and try to keep the ingress of water to an absolute minimum.

Painting wooden kitchen cabinets

Painting wooden kitchen cabinets in The Home Counties

The festool system allows a dustless and clean working environment which is furthermore healthy for me, the homeowner or the site. The sander can key most stubborn surfaces and also sand back years of uneven paintwork.

Painting wooden kitchen cabinetsThe laying down of lining paper to the floor and worktops firstly helps during the prep and painting process. Secondly it keeps the working area clean and allows for easy vacuuming. Kitchen cabinet painter Cuffley Hertfordshire


All good furniture painters use an array of brushes and furthermore each craftsmen’s technique can vary. I tend to keep my brush collection simple as I know from experience what works and what doesn’t. A favourite company of mine over the years is A.S Handover Ltd, some of my finer gilding brushes are bought from here.

Painting wooden kitchen cabinetsPriming

Choosing the right primer is always made once the job has been assessed, correct primers for the substrate is vital for adhesion and the following painted coats to adhere properly, incorrect primers can make or break the job. Painting wooden kitchen cabinets Buckinghamshire

painting kitchens oak maple ash walnut mdf

If you have no adhesion with your primer, the following coats will not be able to stand the rigours of a working kitchen. I always do a scratch test with the client to show how well the primer is sticking to the substrate.Painting wooden kitchen cabinets

painting kitchens oak maple ash walnut mdfUndercoating

With a lot of the paler colours I tend to use a high build undercoat that is tinted to the final colour, this undercoat comes in white so I Add pigment to achieve the colour required. This gives good adhesion to the primer coat and also allows the top coats to adhere properly.

painting kitchens oak maple ash walnut mdf

Top coats

The finishing is now the easy part as the hard work has been done, if all the previous applications have been done correctly then the top coating will be a breeze! The top coats I predominately use are water based from Holmans paints, there are many advantages with this system.

1. Quick drying, not allowing dust to settle in the wet paint film. Painting wooden kitchen cabinets Buckinghamshire

2. No fumes.

3. Better for the environment.

  • If you are looking to have your wooden kitchen transformed, please contact me,
  • Can I also ask you to email me photographs of your project, along with any thoughts on colours, finishes, alterations.
  • A detailed quote and specification will be sent to you.
  • I am indeed happy to answer any questions.
  • I have attached a simple explanation of how to take and send the photographs. If you have a phone and email, you are 90% there!
  • PPS If you are unable to send photos, all is not lost! Please read the following listing. This will also help me assess your kitchen accurately so I can give you the information you need. Painting wooden kitchen cabinets Buckinghamshire
  • number of doors
  • glazed doors
  • drawers
  • cooker hood
  • plate rack
  • Canopy
  • open corner shelf
  • open shelf

The main areas I cover are Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire,  Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and into London I also cover other areas so please ask.

Painting wooden kitchen cabinets Buckinghamshire



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