Painting a pine kitchen Hertfordshire

Painting wooden kitchens Hertfordshire


This project brought several different challenges in achieving a really smooth finish, preparation, preparation and more preparation!

Painting wooden kitchens Hertfordshire

Painting pine kitchens HertfordshireRough surface

This kitchen was one of the roughest ive ever painted. It needed p80 to get rid of the splinters and to even out the surface. Painting wooden kitchens Hertfordshire

Painting pine kitchens HertfordshireOvercoming the patchy surface

This area was very patchy and rough so needed extra prep. The Festool made light work of it. Painting wooden kitchens Hertfordshire

Painting pine kitchens Hertfordshire
The same level of protection was also applied here. The Festool of course is the lifesaver on wood that is so badly splintered.

Painting pine kitchens Hertfordshire
This shows the actual state of the drawer fronts prior to painting. This kitchen was as old as the house and the new paint system has without a doubt improved the look of the kitchen space.Painting pine kitchens Hertfordshire
As the painting starts I also stack drawers in this way to save on space making sure that the worktops are protected too.Painting pine kitchens HertfordshireA fantastic product for difficult surfaces

Tikkurila Unica was the finishing product that I used mixed in slipper satin. The primer was Isofix (Shellac based primer) mixed in slipper satin. This is a tried and trusted paint system that furthermore works a treat on cabinets just like this.
Better than I anticipated!
After fitting new handles the results were also fantastic!
Even the door for the electrics had a makeover!
Fantastic top on this product which was certainly smoother with a nice sheen.
Overall this was a very satisfying project. Many customers would without a doubt removed this kitchen. With the touch of a kitchen painting specialist it was given a new lease of life. If you have a pine kitchen like the one above imagine what could be done! A decent sand down and also a fresh colour scheme will give it a new lease of life.

Please get in touch of you are thinking about a kitchen makeover. I can give you the results that you are looking for at a fraction of the cost of Painting wooden kitchens Hertfordshire