Hand painted Howdens kitchen in Bedford

Howdens kitchen painter Bedford

These Howdens kitchens are a really good option if looking for a bespoke look without the bespoke prices. The ranges that past and present Howdens do are all paintable.

The key is using the correct preparation and primers to achieve that flawless finish.

Howdens kitchens (Paintable range) come with a pre finished primer. This has to be prepared for a suitable undercoat/primer for the products that I use to achieve the best results. Howdens kitchen painter Bedford

The client on this project had emailed the plans to me with a fantastic colour combination.

Howdens kitchen painter Bedford

The image above is a photo realistic image that is part of the plans package. Along with plans and also elevation pictures, it allows me to put together a fixed quote.

On my first day, I collect doors, drawers and also any item that is easily accessed and removed for re finishing in my workshop.

My workshop is clean, insulated and heated. This allows me to work efficiently and also reduces onsite time and disruption.

Mr racking system is a fantastic addition to my workshop, the racks can also be moved around. Howdens kitchen painter Bedford

The process..

On completion of the doors and drawer etc… I then go to site to complete the frames and panels that cannot be removed. The idea is that everything that is white primer, becomes the colour that is being used. Masking tape is used to give a crisp clean edge against the carcasses and also the flooring. Howdens kitchen painter Bedford

On this project, he client had chosen a grey carcass which was a fantastic contrast to the new colours.

Howdens kitchen painter Bedford Howdens kitchen painter Bedford

All in all a stunning new kitchen using a very flamboyant set of colours.

If you have or are considering buying a Howdens kitchen or any kitchen similar to Howdens and want to look at options for painting, please get in touch for a concise quotation here

Many thanks for reading this short blog.

Howdens kitchen painter Bedford