Transforming this wooden Magnet kitchen in Bicester

Kitchen cabinet painter Bicester

Many of the kitchens that I paint are the Howdens/Magnet style kitchens. They are well made and the doors are normally solid wood. These are prime candidates for painting as the results are normally superb. Kitchen cabinet painter Bicester

The factory applied lacquer just needs to be sanded to give a good mechanical key for the adhesion primer. Kitchen cabinet painter Bicester

The importance of primer

Once the primer has been applied, I always do a scratch test, this gives me an idea on how well the primer has adhered to the surface. I have never come across one yet where the primer has not taken to the surface. This is merely down to identifying what a suitable primer would be on the day that I come to collect doors.

Kitchen cabinet painter Bicester

On this particular project I used two colours. A slightly deeper tone was used on the tall oven area and also the base cabinets. New handles were also fitted. These replaced the wooden knobs and gave the kitchen a real modern style on this shaker kitchen.

Final adjustments

On every kitchen I complete there is always adjustments to make. These only show when the kitchen is being completed. The gaps are more obvious on a painted kitchen. Its a very simple process and always improves the final look and removes any catching doors and also drawers. Kitchen cabinet painter Bicester

A well designed and fitted kitchen always makes life easier. No hidden surprises is always a bonus! The 2 x pull-out bottle cabinet doors each side of the hob were originally in brushed metal. The adhesion primer that I used ensured good adhesion and the finish was just like the rest of the kitchen. The runners just needed some slight re alignment as they were catching on the décor panels. Kitchen cabinet painter Bicester

Kitchen cabinet painter Bicester

In conclusion

All in all a very satisfying project to do and another kitchen transformed and also saved from possible landfill. In our current climate, it is important to try and do our bit! I find transforming kitchens like the one above does just that. It also gives any kitchen a complete fresh new look at a fraction of replacement. It is also less disruptive! In fact, the kitchen remains in use during the painting process.

If you have a wooden kitchen like the one above and are looking at options with regards to painting, please contact me here. You can also contact me via WhatsApp, which is my preferred method of contact on 07973 343252.

I just need a few photos like the ones above showing each run of cabinets, this also allows me to count up each component of the kitchen.

Thanks for reading this short blog.

Kitchen cabinet painter Bicester