Re painting a Smallbone kitchen in Chiswick, London

kitchen cabinet painter chiswick

Kitchen cabinet painter Chiswick, London

The following kitchen represents a considerable amount of projects that I undertake. Additionally, having also worked for the company over a period of 15 years, certainly gives you a degree of knowledge in tackling these fantastic kitchens. kitchen cabinet painter chiswick

On this particular project, it had without a doubt been re painted badly! It was evident that a minimum amount of preparation had been done. This certainly was plain to see on numerous doors and drawers too.

This is where the right kit also comes into action! Furthermore, I use Festool sanding and dust extraction. It makes relatively light work of the deteriorating paintwork and also allows a sound surface for the primer. It also shows all the previous colours that have been applied.

The image below clearly shows the prep a hand painted kitchen can require prior to painting

kitchen cabinet painter chiswick

Preparation hand painted kitchens

This is where my workshop certainly comes into its own, allowing me to prepare and paint the doors at a comfortable height too and then to neatly stack them on my drying racks. I can also carry out any minor repairs that are needed and replace any hardware that I may have in my spares collection. kitchen cabinet painter chiswick

The colour decided was very similar to what was on there. A very light neutral fresh tone that was in keeping with the rest of the room. New knobs were also fitted on completion as the pewter handles didn’t quite suite anymore. kitchen cabinet painter chiswick


Several of the doors and drawers required adjustments. This can be done with the use of thin packers behind the hinge on the door. If this does not work, a light plane will help the door close better. kitchen cabinet painter chiswick

Many of the hinges had lots of paint from the previous painter, I will use that term painter, but in my opinion, not a very good one. The modern day paint removers are not ideal and struggle to remove hardened paint, but a product I had removed to paint ok. It made a huge difference to the finished kitchen. kitchen cabinet painter chiswick


Cleaning down

The cooker canopy and decor panels around it needed a good clean. I use a citrous cleaner/degreaser which removes the build up of cooking residues. The degreaser is slightly weakened for the remainder of the cabinets. The cooker also had a quick clean down as I had to slide it out to paint the side panels. kitchen cabinet painter chiswick



It is vital that the correct primers and paints are used. I use Tikkurila on al hand painted kitchens and have done for over 20 years. Its a solid durable product and can be mixed in any colour. kitchen cabinet painter chiswick

kitchen cabinet painter chiswick

What i need

1. I need to see each run of cabinets, this allows me to count the doors, drawers and also any component that will be to paint.

2. It is also important to attach any close up images of any significant damage.

3. Please, also make a note on your message if you require new handles or knobs to be fitted. I have a couple of links to online handle suppliers that I can send to you.

4. Please mention if you require new worktops, I can give you details of Granite and Corian installers and suppliers.

5. I need approx 7 images to give you a full and concise quote, it also gives me more information to keep the quote as precise as possible.

6. If you are unsure of the type of images I require, just have a look at the blog section by clicking .

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kitchen cabinet painter chiswick