Painting a beautiful oak kitchen in this stunning barn conversion in Colmworth, Bedfordshire.

Kitchen cabinet painter Colmworth Bedfordshire

Many enquiries that I receive throughout the year are from clients with kitchens like the one below. Rather than impact the environment with more waste, they are looking for options that will not only help our planet, but also save lots of time and unnecessary expense. Kitchen cabinet painter Colmworth Bedfordshire

When your cabinets are in a good to reasonable condition. There is no need to change, when a simple makeover can make such a huge difference and ultimately give you the kitchen that you have been looking for. kitchen painting

Kitchen cabinet painter Colmworth Bedfordshire

The images below are of the kitchen before painting kitchen painting

kitchen cabinet painter Colmworth Bedfordshire

kitchen cabinet painter Colmworth Bedfordshire

Initial site visit

I went to site to go over the project with the client. We discussed several options including a darker colour for the island. It was decided that an accent colour was not going to work simply because of the lack of detail looking at the kitchen from the entrance. Kitchen cabinet painter Colmworth Bedfordshire

We also discussed new knobs and handles. The client opted for a knob and pull combination from an online company called Armac Martin. I have fitted many handles from Armac as they are very good quality. They also manufacture hardware for Mark Wilkinson Furniture. Kitchen cabinet painter Colmworth Bedfordshire


Kitchen cabinet painter Colmworth Bedfordshire

The first day

I collected the doors, drawers and plinths on the first day. These were completed in my workshop. I find this reduces the disruption to the family during the painting process. The kitchen can also be used as you would every day.

On fitting the doors and drawers, I also make any adjustments I can to even out joins and gaps that you may not see before its painted. Its a relatively simple procedure, It also undoubtedly makes a huge difference to the final look.



Fitting new hardware

I have a piece of kit that allows precision and also continuity when you have a lot to fit. The end product looks superb. The colour and the polished chrome hardware look fantastic.


What i need

A brief description of your project and some photos. You can also Whatsapp the images to me on 07973 343252.

Kitchen cabinet painter Colmworth Bedfordshire

1. I need to see each run of cabinets, this allows me to count the doors, drawers and also any component that will be to paint.

2. It is also important to attach any close up images of any significant damage.

3. Please, also make a note on your message if you require new handles or knobs to be fitted. I have a couple of links to online handle suppliers that I can send to you.

4. Please mention if you require new worktops, I can give you details of Granite and Corian installers and suppliers.

5. I need approx 7 images to give you a full and concise quote, it also gives me more information to keep the quote as precise as possible.

6. If you are unsure of the type of images I require, just have a look at the blog section by clicking <Here>

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Kitchen cabinet painter Colmworth Bedfordshire