Painting a bespoke Oak kitchen in Fulmer, Buckinghamshire

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Kitchen cabinet painter Fulmer Buckinghamshire

I never tire of painting wooden bespoke kitchens. This is simply because of the wow factor when you complete the work.

This one was no different. I made arrangements to visit the client in Fulmer, Buckinghamshire where we discussed the options on colours and also the finish. Furthermore, there were areas of the kitchen that didn’t function properly.

On closer inspection there were several key adjustments that would solve the issues. I also informed the client that the adjustments may not be perfect, but they would be better after adjustment.

The photo below shows the kitchen prior to painting.

Kitchen cabinet painter Fulmer Buckinghamshire

Day one!

All cabinet doors and drawer fronts are removed and packed into furniture blankets to be taken back to the workshop. The plinths that were not fitting properly where marked in preparation for trimming. Each component is numbered and noted onto a rough floor plan of the kitchen. I do this on every project as it was a system i used at Mark Wilkinson. The idea behind it is to ensure that each door goes back to its original place. It also makes it easier on your install day.

The client had decided upon 2 x colours from the Tikkurila palette and also decided on an 8-10% sheen.

Hand painting kitchens!

I am often asked the question on spraying and hand painting. My preference is to hand paint. In my experience, it is less disruptive to the homeowner and easier to repair if any mishaps occur. It is also easier for the homeowner to touch up any small areas of damage too.

Having the right tools!

If you have good quality tools, ie: brushes, microfibre rollers and prep tools. Your project will run much easier than if you didn’t. Corona brushes are a go to brush for me and also Rota microfibre rollers. My sanding and dust extraction is Festool. A market leader in sanding equipment and the majority of surface dust is removed by the extractor.

Materials for hand painting kitchens

It should be noted that the primer choice is decided on the day I collect the doors. Once you have had a feel of the condition of the doors, you are then able to make that decision easily.

More often than not, I use a high build adhesion primer that is tinted to the final colour. It also gives a unquestionably sound surface for the top coats. All these factors are really important in the painting of any kitchen.

Kitchen cabinet painter Fulmer Buckinghamshire

The combination of colours looked superb! The maple top and the baskets also complemented the new colour.

I fitted new knobs and handles and I also made adjustments to the drawers as the handle was fitted. This certainly made it easier to remove the drawer from the cabinet to make the adjustments.

Kitchen cabinet painter Fulmer Buckinghamshire

The sheen levels worked an absolute treat! Some of the oak grain was visible, but not overly heavy. You can never guarantee the removal of oak grain. It is an open grained timber and would involve several layers of surface filling and sanding, which would be costly.

Kitchen cabinet painter Fulmer Buckinghamshire

In conclusion, a fantastic transformation. A 20 year old kitchen rejuvenated without the need to replace. The amount of waste would of been huge, in the current climate it is important to try and do this as its not only costly to your pocket, but the planet too.

If you have a bespoke painted kitchen or a wooden kitchen that you would like to get a price for. Please get in touch for a free no obligation quote. We can also arrange for a colour card to be sent to you.

What we need!

  1. We need to see each run of cabinets to allow us to count up the doors, drawers and decor panels etc.
  2. A close up shot of any type of damage.
  3. Mention to us if you want to change handles.
  4. Let is know if you are considering new worktops.


Kitchen cabinet painter Fulmer Buckinghamshire

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Kitchen cabinet painter Fulmer Buckinghamshire