Applying a several layered paint effect to copy the previous effect.

Kitchen cabinet painter Cuffley Hertfordshire.

I was contacted by a couple to do a broken colour paint effect to a painted kitchen in Cuffley, Hertfordshire. The lady had sent me some photos of the original paintwork but unfortunately the previous painter had painted over everything in turquoise including the hinges! hand painted kitchen hertfordshire

Kitchen cabinet painter Cuffley Hertfordshire

The clients did however like the vibrancy of colour but just needed it to be toned down and more on the green palette. I put together a sample board (Below)and presented a dragged effect which I decided would go over an off white base, these samples furthermore give the client an idea on final colour.


Kitchen cabinet painter Cuffley Hertfordshire

To achieve the final colour involved a first layer of dragging in raw umber and also golden ochre applied over the off white which you can see below. The off white on the dishwasher door which was yet to be dragged. As always the protection was applied to tops and to the surrounding floor. hand painted kitchen hertfordshire

Once the whole kitchen was dragged in this layer it was left to dry for a weekend then the vibrant blue/green over glaze was mixed and subsequently applied. The colours below show the glazes that I mixed for the two layers. Kitchen cabinet painter Cuffley Hertfordshire


Broken colour paint effects

Paint effects come in and out of fashion and can be very time consuming. The clients also had a difference of opinion on what they wanted to achieve. The colour was achieved to which both of the clients liked. There was a slight sticking point in that the lady liked the effect but her husband was not so keen. I guess these things can ultimately happen! Kitchen cabinet painter Cuffley Hertfordshire

Kitchen cabinet painter Cuffley Hertfordshire

On the whole a great improvement on colour and painting technique. The green is toned down simply by the depth of the raw umber and ochre base.

Kitchen cabinet painter Cuffley HertfordshireThe final application was also a protective lacquer layer which protects the glaze as this can be very soft indeed. Furthermore, areas around the sink where given 2 x coats for additional protection.


All the hinges on this kitchen were replaced prior to painting. Several updates were made after my initial suggestions to improve the kitchen. The handles were also brought along in the paint effect with the rest of the kitchen. hand painted kitchen hertfordshire

If you have a painted kitchen and are considering a new look or a re paint. Please have a look at some of my other blogs to see some of the transformations that I have done. Oak, Pine, Maple, and Ash can all be painted with a paint system the will last and stand up to the day to day life of a modern day kitchen.hand painted kitchen hertfordshire

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Kitchen cabinet painter Cuffley Hertfordshire