Painting a stunning kitchen just outside Rushden

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Kitchen cabinet painter Rushden

A client contacted who came by a recommendation. She wanted to change the look of her bespoke kitchen and also to change the island from wood to painted. She was quite undecided to start with. I showed her several examples of what her kitchen might look like and also showed combinations of colours that she was interested in. It is so important to me before any project commences that the client is happy about the decisions that they have made. Kitchen cabinet painter Rushden

Below are the images of the kitchen that were sent to me via WhatsApp. Kitchen cabinet painter Rushden


A stunning kitchen nonetheless, with the island in wood it was till a beautiful kitchen, however, the client had decided on a change.

When I arrive to collect doors and drawer fronts etc.. The first thing that I do is check that all doors and drawers are functioning properly. If they are catching, I try to adjust them prior to removal, in most cases they can be adjusted, if its a door however, that would be done on completion as it sometimes involves putting thin packers behind hinges. Kitchen cabinet painter Rushden

On this island, the drawers were all catching, there was a lot of weight in each drawer as they had pans and crockery. The runners were by Blum so a few adjustments and they were once again running freely. Kitchen cabinet painter Rushden

Workshop Racks

Kitchen cabinet painter Rushden

The above racks in my workshop allow the doors to dry easily. The workshop is vacuumed before every project. This keeps dust to an absolute minimum to avoid any surface contamination to the new paint film. All of the kitchens that I do are hand painted, my brush of choice is by Corona which leaves a stunning, smooth even finish.

The doors and drawers were gives a clean down, sanded on the bench with my Festool dustless setup and then primed. Each project can be very different, so my primer choice is decided on the day I collect the kitchen. This allows me to make a decision on what primer to use based on what condition the doors are in.

The images below are the completed kitchen.

Kitchen cabinet painter Rushden

This has proven to be a popular colour combination over the last couple of years. Looks fresh and vibrant.

Kitchen cabinet painter Rushden

The drawers were also finished using the island colour. The doors above the drawers housed all the electrical fuse boards for the property.

All in all a beautiful kitchen. All drawers now working properly, also several adjustments were made to some doors to alter the alignment. The handles were also cleaned before re fitting.

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Kitchen cabinet painter Rushden