Painting a newly installed kitchen in a new build house in Leighton Buzzard

Kitchen cupboard painting Leighton Buzzard

As the number of new houses in Leighton Buzzard increases, a potential client reached out to me to explore painting options for her kitchen in her new home. I scheduled a site visit since it was conveniently near my residence.

The main issue was the excessive silicone used on every transition joint. I clarified the implications of this. She confirmed that they would redo all the transition joints with silicone, particularly those at the base of the plinth which were visible even after completion. (These have now been redone) Kitchen cupboard painting Leighton Buzzard

The image that would be below shows the kitchen’s condition before any painting was done. Kitchen cupboard painting Leighton Buzzard

Kitchen cupboard painting Leighton Buzzard

Since this is relatively new, it only required a light cleaning with a citrus-based cleaner and a gentle sanding. Although this is a new kitchen, a quality primer is still necessary to ensure strong adhesion for the final topcoats. The majority of this project took place in my workshop, which is ideal as it minimises disruption and reduces the time spent on-site.Buzzard

Another topic I emphasise in my blog is the unnecessary removal of perfectly good kitchens that can be completely refreshed, thus avoiding landfill and reducing your carbon footprint.

The following images show the final results. Kitchen cupboard painting Leighton Buzzard

To conclude,

The kitchen now boasts a fresh new look with a stunning colour that complements the flooring. The newly installed stone worktops enhance this updated appearance.

If you’re contemplating a change to your kitchen cabinets and wish to avoid an expensive replacement. Please reach out to me for a comprehensive, no-obligation quote.

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Kitchen cupboard painting Leighton Buzzard