A new look to this nice Harpenden kitchen.

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Kitchen painter Harpenden

The images below are the photos that were sent to me by the client

Kitchen painter Harpenden
Kitchen painter Harpenden

Repainting this bespoke kitchen with the Tikkurila Paint

1. Choosing the Right Tikkurila Paint: Kitchen painter Harpenden

Tikkurila offers a range of high-quality paints suitable for kitchen cabinets. Here are some options:

  • Helmi 10: A water-based, low-odour enamel paint that provides excellent coverage and also good durability. It’s perfect for kitchen cabinets.
  • Luja: A solvent-based enamel paint known for its smooth finish and also its resistance to wear and tear.
  • Empire: A water-based semi-gloss paint that’s easy to apply and also dries quickly. Kitchen painter Harpenden
  • Intact: A water based enamel paint that provides excellent durability.

2. Preparing the Kitchen:

First day of your kitchen project.

  • I remove Cabinet Hardware: I remove cabinet doors, drawers, and also hardware (handles, knobs and also hinges). I also label each piece to remember its position.
  • Clean Surfaces: I wipe down the cabinets to remove grease, dirt, and dust. Kitchen painter Harpenden
  • Protect Surrounding Areas: I cover countertops, floors, and appliances with cordex.

3. Sanding and Priming:

  • Light Sanding: I Gently sand the cabinet surfaces to create a key for better paint adhesion.
  • Apply Primer: Use a Tikkurila primer to ensure even coverage and furthermore prevent stains from bleeding through.

4. Painting Process:

  • Brush: Brushes give a hand-painted look, indeed, if done right it leaves a beautiful smooth even finish.
  • Technique: I Start with the cabinet frames on completion of the doors in my workshop. I apply thin, even coats, allowing each layer to dry before adding the next.
  • Drying Time: I follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions for drying times. In addition to this, a scratch test is done in between coats. Kitchen painter Harpenden

5. Reassembling and Finishing Touches:

  • Once the paint is completely dry, I reattach the doors, drawers, and also the hardware.
  • Check alignment and adjust hinges and also drawer runners if necessary. Kitchen painter Harpenden

6. Clean Up and Enjoy!

I Dispose of used materials properly, Some primers are kept in my workshop, the remaining paint is left with the client for any touch ups should any mishaps occur.

The completed kitchen

Kitchen painter Harpenden

Kitchen painter Harpenden

Kitchen painter Harpenden


Overall, the transformation is remarkable with two contrasting shades and the addition of new knobs and handles. The top was also refinished with Osmo TopOil, which brought this stunning overhaul to completion. If you are contemplating having your kitchen painted and would furthermore like a no-obligation quote, please reach out through the contact form. You can also contact me via WhatsApp below.

Thank you for reading this brief blog.


Kitchen painter Harpenden