Hand painting kitchens Bedfordshire

Hand painting kitchens in Bedfordshire

For over three decades, I have honed my skills as a specialist in kitchen cabinet painting, dedicating many of those years to the esteemed Mark Wilkinson Furniture. My tenure there provided me with profound insights into the intricacies of high-end kitchen painting, particularly within the hand-painted segment that demands a unique finesse few painters possess.

At MWF, our team, though small in number, was comprised of exceptional specialists with a deep understanding of kitchen aesthetics. When I commenced my journey with MWF, my residence was in North London, which naturally made London and Bedfordshire my primary work areas. Bedfordshire, in particular, was a place I held in high regard for its work-friendly environment, devoid of the typical parking and congestion woes, not to mention its picturesque landscapes. I also ended up moving to Bedfordshire.  Below, I have showcased some of the projects I’ve undertaken in Bedfordshire.

Hand painting kitchens in Bedfordshire

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  • It is necessary for me to count the doors and all components of the kitchen.
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Hand painting kitchens in Bedfordshire